Neck stretches

A Keeping shoulders still, gently stretch left ear to the left shoulder, lifting the right ear skywards.

B Hold for 6 breaths and repeat on the right side.


Chest stretch

A On right side stretch the straight arm up and back at a 45º angle behind the head.

B Repeat on the left side.


Upper back stretch

A Place both hands, palms down on stable object.

B Keeping arms straight, bend knees and drop buttocks toward the ground.


Front shoulder stretch

A Place right hand behind back as if scratching the left side of your lower back. Use left hand to secure your right hand into your lower back.

B As you breathe in, gently push your right elbow as far behind you as possible. Repeat for the left side.


Rear shoulder stretch

A Push your straight right arm in front of you as far as you can reach.

B Push it across your chest and apply gentle overpressure to the outside of your right elbow with your left arm. Repeat for the other side.


Forearm flexors

A Place your arm straight out in front, palm facing upwards.

B With your other hand gently pull your wrist backwards towards the ground. Repeat for the other side.


Forearm extensors

A Place your arm straight out in front, fist clenched with thumb on top.

B With your other hand reach around your fist and gently pull your wrist towards your chest.


Side stretch

A Clasp hands together and push arms up towards the sky.

B Push you right palm higher and bend your spine gently to the left. Repeat for the other side.


Torso rotation

A Start with elbows bent, arms at chest level.

B Slowly turn to the right then back slowly to the left (you may hold a towel between hands for stability).


Hip flexors

A From a kneeling position step forward with the left leg, leaving bent right knee on the ground.

B Keep back straight & gently move bodyweight forward at the hips, stretching through the groin and thigh of the right leg on the ground. Repeat for the other leg.


Lower back curl

A Lie on your back with knees bent together and feet on the floor.

B Slowly contract your abdominals to curl both knees toward chest. Using both hands gently press knees into chest and raise head and shoulders off the ground.