Lying Down / Getting Back Up

It might seem the easiest thing in the world to do but you’d be surprised at the pressure being put on your lower back and the miss-alignment you can cause leading to pain and long term distress when you do so incorrectly. With that, here are my recommendations to getting up and laying down that minimise the amount of pressure on your lower back.

Getting up

Getting out of bed is the very first movement and sets you up for retaining good posture throughout your day.
First roll to one side (figure 3).

Then push your hands down to help you into a sitting position (figure 2).

Keep your knees bent and swing your legs over the edge of the bed to the ground.


Lying down

First sit on the edge of your bed (figure 1).

Bring both arms to one side and lower yourself onto towards that side, keeping your knees bent at 45 degrees (figure 2).

Bring your feet into bed.