How To Sleep Correctly

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Most of us spend a third of our lives lying prone in slumber, so how you sleep greatly influences your posture while awake.When sleeping on your side, bring both knees 45-90º up towards your head. Keep knees in line with each other and place a pillow between the knees to keep your pelvis aligned.

You can alternate this position with sleeping on your back. Although this can be a hard habit to form, it is great for your back. Place a pillow under your knees and let your knees and feet fall away from each other. Once you get used to the position, it is supremely comfortable.

Positions to avoid

Avoid sleeping flat on your back, as this puts pressure on your lower back.

Avoid sleeping on your stomach – this puts your neck at an extreme angle and compresses your lower back.

When sleeping on your side, it’s common to raise one knee high, while keeping the leg that you are sleeping on relatively straight. This is best avoided as it twists the pelvis and places the spine in an unnatural position.