Wynyard Chiropractic in Sydney was established in 1994 and has helped thousands of people, including many with chronic health issues or injuries, towards a healthy pain-free life. We seek to empower people to make better health decisions and offer educational support in areas such as prenatal care, diet, exercise and posture, as well as work place ergonomics in and around the Sydney CBD area. Families have a special place at Wynyard Chiropractic. We run regular, free of charge kids’ days for parents and their children as part of our paediatric, prenatal and perinatal care.

Wynyard Chiropractic is a modern well-being practice which focuses on educating people about spinal health. As in many things, prevention is always better than cure in spinal health, and we believe that making long-lasting changes to daily habits, exercise, diet and attitudes is the most effective health care system you can have. We regard ourselves as your health coach.

Since 1994, we have been helping thousands of people, including professional sports people, dancers, desk-bound business people, expectant mothers, babies and children, the elderly and infirm, the injured and those who just aren’t willing to tolerate less than optimum health. Our team offers a supportive environment to determine the underlying issues which cause ill-health. With thorough evaluations, precise spinal adjustments and lifestyle advice, we can help bring lasting changes to peoples lives.

We continuously pursue spinal and well-being research in order to offer the best service available in our clients, who not only hail from Sydney, but often travel to our clinic from the eastern seaboard states. We actively support the Australian Spinal Research Foundation and are often requested to present at state and national conferences. We also hold regular health care presentations, free for anyone to attend, on topics such as core strength and stability, posture, pediatric spinal care and awareness, five key factors in health, exercises for spinal health and good posture in the workplace.

Our mission:

  • To inspire, educate, and promote innate health.
  • To inspire passion in people to seek and discover their true potential.
  • To enjoy our work, staying motivated and energized by enhancing the lives of those people we have touched.
  • To deliver a quality level of chiropractic service to individuals and families of Sydney and the far reaches of our community.
Dr John De Voy Dc Do Diccp : Principal Chiropractor

Dr John De Voy Dc Do Diccp

Principal Chiropractor

Wynyard Chiropractic Principal John de Voy was introduced to chiropractic care at the age of seven. John has been practicing for the past 34 years; his qualifications include a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.), Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.) and a Diplomate in Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics (DICCP).

Dr John is currently the Vice President of Australian Chiropractor's Association, previously serving as the President of Chiropractors Association of Australia NSW from 2014-2018.

Christina Votaw : Practice Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

Christina Votaw

Practice Manager & Chiropractic Assistant

Christina has been working at Wynyard Chiropractic since early 2014, and is currently the Practice Manager. She is passionate about everything health and wellness, and strives to help every patient reach their goals. Christina enjoys cooking, hiking and exercising in her free time and is keen to answer all your questions regarding food, supplements or health in general.

Christina has received chiropractic care her entire life, having both an Aunt and Cousin who are Chiropractors in California, USA. She wholeheartedly believes in everything Chiropractic has to offer and has weekly adjustments herself!

Sophia Robertson : Chiropractic Assistant & Chiropractic Student

Sophia Robertson

Chiropractic Assistant & Chiropractic Student

Sophia has been working at Wynyard Chiropractic since June 2018. She is currently in her first year at CQU studying Chiropractic. Sophia grew up in Brisbane and has been exposed to Chiropractic her entire life. Her father and sister are both Chiropractors and has decided she would follow in those steps.

Sophia has a Bachelor in Science and Masters in Public Health and has a true passion for health and wellness. She is bright and friendly addition to our team!

Quinton Smit : Chiropractic Assistant & Chiropractic Student

Quinton Smit

Chiropractic Assistant & Chiropractic Student

Quinton has worked at Wynyard Chiropractic as a Chiropractic Assistant since December 2017. He has a thirst for knowledge and is currently studying to be a Chiropractor, so if he’s not reading and studying under a tree, he will be outdoors enjoying time on his mountain bike, trekking or at the beach. The skills obtained during many years playing competitive Rugby give Quinton an excellent understanding of what it’s like to compete at a high level and what it takes to get there. He has a passion for seeing people really embrace movement and work on their technique in order to improve their skills.

With a wealth of knowledge for all things movement, Quinton holds a Bachelor of Human Movement Science, Bachelor of Sport Science (Hon), Diploma in Advanced Sports Nutrition, Diploma in Sports Massage, Diploma in Nutrition, Diploma in Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Level 1.