Our goal is simply for you to achieve the results you are after.

Getting started takes a little time while we collect all the information we need to proceed under these guidelines. This ensures that you and your Chiropractor are empowered with as much information as necessary to bring the results you seek and expect.


Four initial steps to getting started:

1. Consultation and history (20 mins)

2. Chiropractic examination (35 mins)

3. X-ray examination (20 mins)

4. Your report and starting your care (45 mins)


1. Consultation and history

Please ensure that you bring along all relevant information:

* X-rays, CT scans, MRIs and their reports

* All medical reports and relevant history

* All medications that you are on or have been taking

* Any vitamins or supplements that you are taking

* Notes from any previous health professionals.


This important information will help us to formulate a detailed picture of your current health and spinal needs.


2. Chiropractic examination

A Chiropractic examination and non-invasive evaluation is a thorough look at your posture, muscle tone and nervous system function. Other tests, including reflexes, orthopaedic test and blood pressure may also need to be performed. These will help isolate the exact cause of your current health concerns.

At this point we may or may not require further X-rays.

Please bear in mind that underlying pathological or spinal faults cannot truly be evaluated without X-rays.

If we feel that your case cannot be helped with Chiropractic care we will inform you before we proceed any further. If you can be helped we will also tell you that!


3. X-ray examination

The important issue with Chiropractic X-rays is that they need to have been taken in an upright weight-bearing posture. This allows us to properly evaluate the spine and the space that the nervous system has to function correctly.

We use specific shielding for all reproductive organs (female and male) during X-rays.


4. Your report and starting your care

Our care is RESULTS driven by YOU. By this we mean that your involvement and understanding is central to receiving excellent results. Before you can be proactive in your health care, you need a good understanding of the problem and how to get well.


Early in your care a complete report and program will be given, usually prior to your first adjustment. This will help build your understanding and be efficiently proactive towards long lasting and beneficial results. Your complete understanding of your spinal and health issues are paramount to us.


Your first adjustment

We use a variety of gentle and comfortable techniques, and before anything is done, we explain the process thoroughly to you.

Your first adjustments are particularly gentle to ensure your body has enough time, space and energy to respond and adapt to the changes being made. As your body begins to function properly, more work can be done each visit, building on the preceding adjustment. With time, your body is better able to adapt to these changes quickly and easily.