Spinal Health Week 2019

If you have visited the clinic recently, you may have noticed some Spinal Health Week posters and videos around. Spinal Health Week is an initiative run by the Australian Chiropractors Association (ACA), to help educate Australians about the importance of … Continued


Why Your Core Is Important

Building your core strength helps your overall stability and everyday activities, regenerating injured spines, rejuvenating old spines and helping your chiropractic adjustments be as effective as possible. “Regular chiropractic adjustments are good for your health but to maintain improvements in … Continued


Winter-Proofing Your Diet And Exercise

Grass goes dormant in winter – do you? We’ve all been there. The alarm sounds at 6am, you press snooze … and snooze … and before you know it, the 60-minute workout you’d promised yourself the night before is out … Continued


Revitalising Your Exercise Regime

Tired of the same old exercise? Well, so are your muscles. Among the many common misconceptions about exercise is ‘routine exercise’ – that performing the same, strict physical work-out each week will encourage those cheese-grater abs to appear … and … Continued