Neck stretches A Keeping shoulders still, gently stretch left ear to the left shoulder, lifting the right ear skywards. B Hold for 6 breaths and repeat on the right side. Chest stretch A On right side stretch the straight arm … Continued


Lying Down / Getting Back Up

It might seem the easiest thing in the world to do but you’d be surprised at the pressure being put on your lower back and the miss-alignment you can cause leading to pain and long term distress when you do … Continued


How To Sleep Correctly

Most of us spend a third of our lives lying prone in slumber, so how you sleep greatly influences your posture while awake.When sleeping on your side, bring both knees 45-90º up towards your head. Keep knees in line with … Continued


Keeping Healthy With Water

With 65–90 per cent of our body mass composed of water, there is no time like the present to reach for a glass. Learn how to avoid the many drains on your hydration and keep your vital health flowing with … Continued


Why Your Core Is Important

Building your core strength helps your overall stability and everyday activities, regenerating injured spines, rejuvenating old spines and helping your chiropractic adjustments be as effective as possible. “Regular chiropractic adjustments are good for your health but to maintain improvements in … Continued


Winter-Proofing Your Diet And Exercise

Grass goes dormant in winter – do you? We’ve all been there. The alarm sounds at 6am, you press snooze … and snooze … and before you know it, the 60-minute workout you’d promised yourself the night before is out … Continued

Meditation for health

Learning To Meditate

Most of us have heard of the numerous benefits of meditation which help to counteract the effects of frenetic, fast-paced lives, ridden with anxiety, stress, fear and worry. But for anyone who has battled with their thoughts before giving up … Continued